Happy News Alert!

giftFor those who have been following my story, I am happy to report that the charity I have been working on is up and going!

Today “B the Light” made it’s first donation to a very special lady. She is a friend of mine that I met through chemotherapy who was nominated for a donation by the amazing staff in the New Ulm Medical Center’s Oncology Department.

“B the Light” is a 501 (c) 3 charity started in honor of my Aunt Brenda Plinke, or Aunt B as we call her. She is a 16 year, Stage 4, breast cancer survivor that lives each day to the fullest and is a light to all who know her!

“B the Light” strives to honor Brenda’s example by providing random acts of kindness to those in need. Our goal is to add a little light for those struggling through a time of darkness.

During the dark moments in my own journey this past year, I was amazed by the light shown to me and my family. It is what got us through some bad days. And now I need to pay that forward and let others feel that.

For those who have asked how to donate, there are 2 options currently. You can send to PO BOX 192, New Ulm, MN 56073. Or you can donate via PayPal to bthelight4someone@gmail.com.

2 more donations going out this week. If you would like to nominate someone for a donation, please contact me privately. Our website, bthelight4someone.org, is still under construction.


The photo is of Aunt B, embracing the light!